How to Turn Self-talk into Everyday Conversations with God

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First of all, what is self-talk?

A quick google search for the definition of self-talk will tell us that it’s “talk or thoughts directed at oneself.” 

I want you to notice that last part – directed at oneself.

If we pause for a moment, we can probably gather both positive and negative self-talk examples. Here are some of mine:

  • Renee, you got this! 
  • Do it afraid. Let’s go.
  • You know what’s best for you. Choose it.
  • Renee, what were you thinking?! 
  • Why do you do that??
  • What’s wrong with you?

The thing is that self-talk can be helpful – those positive self-talk examples are all well and good.  BUT, we have access to something far greater – connection with our Creator. Instead of directing thoughts toward ourselves, we can direct them to a God who listens and who desires to connect with us.

What is prayer?

Simply put, prayer is conversation with a God who is near.  I wonder if sometimes we think we’re having a conversation with God when really we’re having a conversation with ourselves, stuck in these cycles of self-talk – isolated and spinning.

Do we address God in these internal dialogues? Do we consult Him in our concern? 

How do you turn prayer into a conversation?

The difference is subtle, and it’s all about the direction of our thoughts. Are we staying in our head, or are we reaching out to heaven? Are we striving while seemingly severed from our Source? 

I wanna share with you an example from just a couple weeks ago.

I was on a walk and at one point I was feeling empowered to move forward as a spiritual director, and I said to myself “I have it in me.” Good positive self-talk, right?! 

Immediately after whispering those words, I said “I have You in me. I have it in me to do this because I have You in me, and that’s enough for me.” It felt like it came both from me and from the Spirit at the same time. I was both expressing my heart and hearing in that one moment.  I was in a conversation and feeling deeply connected to God.

So, pay attention today to how often you find yourself having a conversation in your head and REdirect your dialogue to God. He is WITH us. Let’s lean into that truth and reality and use any and every opportunity to do life with Him and not as though we are doing life alone.




See what you notice.

Prayer Prompts

  • God, I want to have real conversations with You.
  • I don’t want to stay in my head. I want to hear from You and connect with You.
  • Holy Spirit, help me to notice when I am talking to myself so that I can redirect my thoughts and words to You.



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How to Turn Self-talk into Everyday Conversations with God

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