Visio Divina

One of my spiritual director friends introduced me to Visio Divina through her photography and it opened up a whole new space for me to connect with God.  I have treasured times of taking in images, paintings, and landscapes while opening up to what God is stirring in me through what I see. 

It makes me think of Jeremiah, one of my favorite prophets. God brings him to a place and asks, “What do you see?” And, when Jeremiah says what he sees, God speaks into that image and prophesies.  Isn’t that so cool? I would love for us to grow in our mindfulness and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit through what we see. God is always calling us to Himself. So, even as you go for a walk, watch a baby sleeping, get caught up in a painting, or sit to watch the sunset, tell the Lord what you see and see if He whispers anything back.

The rhythm…

1. This can be a planned time or impromptu.

Set aside time during your regular time with the Lord or pause when you feel moved by a scene or image. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a good feeling like happiness, awe, or peace. If it’s sorrow, disgust, or fear those are just as powerful to open up to God about. Be honest about what is coming up in you.

2. Start a dialogue with God.

You can ask the Lord what strikes you about the scene. What do you notice? Tell the Lord what you see and ask Him if there’s anything He wants to say to you through it. Ask Him how He wants to be with you in this time.  Spend however long you want simply taking in the time of connection. If you don’t hear anything from God, that’s okay! At the very least you have practiced His presence, which is what we’re after, right?

If you do feel impressed by God with words or scripture or an image, then continue that conversation. Keep leaning in. Maybe write down what’s coming up. These are significant moments to be captured. 

3. Thanksgiving

Thank God for this time and ask the Holy Spirit to give you discernment and wisdom regarding what has come up during your time so that you can partner with Him in His work in and through you.


This is my personal gallery for your use. If you want to have a planned time of visio divina, feel free to look through these to see if there’s an image that stands out. I will continue to curate these images and rotate them out, so check back in from time to time. 

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